Tomlinson Selected Pieces Volume 1 for Flute

Tomlinson Selected Pieces Volume 1 for Flute
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All four of these pieces were arranged for concert flute and piano at the request of his daughter Hilary, who is a flautist. Pourquoi Pas? - This piece started life as a violin and piano piece written whilst Tomlinson was on active service in northern France during the Second World War serving as a wireless mechanic in the RAF. His commanding office was a good violinist and had found a local French family who had a grand piano. Hearing that Ernest was studying composition he was challenged to write a piece to entertain the French family. The piece was named after a local café much frequented by the troops. Chadkirk Idyll - Written in 2002, this was originally for recorder and guitar and then rescored in 2003 for recorder and string quartet. Naturally, it works very well for flute and piano so this arrangement was made at about the same time. Ernest wrote "On receiving the request to write this piece, the description of Chadkirk and it's history conjured up for me an imaginary picture back in history. The mental image of a small and lonely chapel in the river valley at the base of a windswept hillside inspired the melodies around which the Idyll was shaped." Air - This piece started life as a cello and piano piece and has also been arranged for violin and piano. Linda's Dance - During the late 1950's and all through the 1960's Tomlinson wrote much orchestral music intended for use as background music in radio, films and tv. The piece was part of a suite that was eventually published as his first Light Music Suite. He always found titles a difficulty but his youngest daughter, Linda, was very fond of dancing so he simply called this movement Linda's Dance. The original orchestration was for alto flute but the composer was prevailed upon to make this concert flute and piano arrangement.