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The Renaissance Recorder for Descant Recorder

The Renaissance Recorder for Descant Recorder
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Brand:  Boosey & Hawkes

Renaissance music for descant recorder and piano.

 - Ballet (1) (Praetorius)
  - Ballet (2) (Praetorius)
  - Basse Danse: La Brosse (Attaingnant)
  - Bransle de la Torche (Praetorius)
  - Bransle double (Praetorius)
  - Bransle Simple: Poitou 1 (Caroubel)
  - Courante: La Rosette (Praetorius)
  - Four Elizabethan Masque Dances: 1. Adsonn's Maske (Anon)
  - Four Elizabethan Masque Dances: 2. Cuparee (Anon)
  - Four Elizabethan Masque Dances: 3. The Second (Of Gray's Inn) (Anon)
  - Four Elizabethan Masque Dances: 4. Williams His Love (Anon)
  - Goates Masque (Anon)
  - Greeensleeves to a Ground (Anon)
  - La Bourée (Praetorius)
  - La doune cella (Sermisy)
  - La Volta (Praetorius)
  - Light of Love (Anon)
  - My Lord of Oxenford's Maske (Byrd)
  - Packington's Pound (Anon)
  - Parade des Bouffons (Susato)
  - Pavane (Anon)
  - Shepherd's Dance (Susato)
  - Spagnoleta (Praetorius)
  - The Carnation (Bateman)
  - Tickle my Toe (Anon)

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