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Tchaikovsky Quartet No 1 for Flute Quartet

Tchaikovsky Quartet No 1 for Flute Quartet
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A flute quartet arrangement of this great quartet. Structurally, this quartet uses the more standard classical forms, but using musical themes that are distinctly Russian. Ths first movement is in sonata form. Its first theme is fluid, and the second is initially stated by the alto flute against rich harmonies in the other parts. These are then developed and restated in the recapitulation, before ending with a high-spirited coda. The second movement is based on the folksong 'Sidel Vanya', a traditional song from the Ukraine. The song is interspersed with highly expressive melodies, played twice over a staccato accompaniment. The third movement, marked 'Scherzo' has the robust, rhythmic character of a Russian peasant dance. The central trio pits the three upper instruments playing complex syncopated figures over a drone in the bass flute, before a repeat of the scherzo closes the movement. The Finale features two themes, an exuberant dance and a song of Slavic soulfulness. Both these themes are developed many ways before a sudden stop in the music. After a tiny, slower section, a whirlwind coda brings the music to a close.