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Short Romantic Pieces for Piano Book 1

Short Romantic Pieces for Piano Book 1
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A collection of five graded volumes containing pieces from the Romantic period. Suitable for players at grades 1 to 2.

The Bells: No. 4 from 'Esquisses', Op. 63 [Valentin Alkan]
Study in A minor, Op. 101 No. 93 [F Beyer]
Going to Sleep, Op. 31 No. 2 [K. J. Bishkoff]
A Romp, Op. 46 No. 32 [Breslauer]
Study in D, Op. 777 No. 15 [Czerny]
Lesson in C, Op. 125 No. 6 [Anton Diabelli]
Night in the Woods, Op. 36 No. 32 [Gedike]
Sad Song, Op. 36 No. 39 [Gedike]
Polka in D minor [Glinka]
Study in D, Op. 187 No. 51 [Cornelius Gurlitt]
Undismayed: No. 7 from 'The Friend of the Family', Op. 197 [Cornelius Gurlitt]
Melody in C, Op. 44 No. 1 [G. Hasse]
Country Dance [Franz Hunten]
Little Song: from 30 Pieces for Children, Op. 27, No. 1 [Dmitri Kabalevsky]
Waltz in D minor, Op. 39 No. 13 [Dmitri Kabalevsky]
Prelude in A minor, Op. 65 No. 2 [T. F Kirchner]
A Fairy Story (There was once a princess . . .): No. 1 from 'Kinderleben' (Youthful Days), Op. 62 [Theodor Kullak]
A Slight Misunderstanding [Ladukhin]
Study in A, Op. 17 No. 7 [Le Couppey]
Invention in F sharp minor [Lyapunov]
A Miniature, Op. 4 No. 3 [Maikapar]
Children's March