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Mr Sheen's Miscellany for Bassoon Grade 2

Mr Sheen's Miscellany for Bassoon Grade 2
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Three pieces for bassoon and piano by Graham Sheen.

This collection of three pieces dates from February 2011 and was written for the Trinity Guildhall examination board syllabus. It is aimed principally at students of grades 3 to 5 and intended to combine technical challenges with that most vital musical ingredient: fun.

The melody here is very broken up, so breathe and be ready for the next entry in good time. Don't drag behind the "drum" in the piano part. Notice that only some of the notes are marked staccato.

À la Modal.
Modes are scales based on the white notes of the piano, say, so you won't find a single accidental in this piece. It shows that expression in music depends on more than just the dynamics, that is, how loudly and softly you play. We also need to observe the articulation markings such as staccato, tenuto and the accents on both long and short notes.

Schubert's Ghost.
Schubert is one of my favourite composers. I hope you enjoy the swing of the dotted rhythms and accents in this little Viennese impression. There are three musical quotations: one from Schubert himself, one from a later Viennese composer, Gustav Mahler and, near the end, the Dies Irae tune which has been used by many composers.