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Mason Freefall for Violoncello & Piano

Mason Freefall for Violoncello & Piano
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Bar Code:  9790570456598
Part Number:  RM659
Brand:  Recital Music

The exhilarating sensation of a freefall through the air is musically represented by a number of features of this piece. The soaring melodic writing for the cello/double bass has a weightless quality and is presented above a strong bass line in the piano representing the solidity of the ground below. Constant energy is provided by the continuous movement in the piano right hand, the echo effect used providing a feeling of a vast open space. During the first section of the piece, the piano creates a sense of falling through a gradual descent in pitch and towards the end, the left hand increases in complexity as if features on the ground below are becoming more visible as the freefall nears its conclusion.