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Flotenmusik (Flute Music) Volume 1 - Baroque

Flotenmusik (Flute Music) Volume 1 - Baroque
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Flute music from the baroque period
 - Michel Blavet: Sonata g minor op. 2,4
  - Giovanni Chinzer: Sonata G major op. 5,6
  - Johann Philipp Eisel: Divertimento d minor
  - Jacques Loeillet: Sonata e minor op. 5,1
  - Johann Christoph Pepusch: Sonata F major
  - Daniel Purcell: Sonata F major
  - Johan Helmich Roman: Sonata b minor
  - Thomas Roseingrave: Sonata G major
  - Giuseppe Sammartini: Sonata a minor op. 2,6
  - Johann Christian Schickhard: Sonata a minor op. 17,3

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