Fellows: Two Italian Dances - Euphonium/Baritone


Fellows: Two Italian Dances - Euphonium/Baritone

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Music for Euphonium and piano, both treble and bass clef parts included. This work comprises two dances of Italian origin written in different styles to show the full potential of the instrument and its versatility.1. Tarantella: is a fast folkdance of Southern Italy. It is usually written in 6/8 time and alternates between major and minor keys. The Tarantella derives from the town of ?Taranto? and legend has it that the Tarantella was the only cure for the effects of the bite of the Tarantula spider - this is where the dance got its name. 2. Siciliano: is another Italian dance and was used during the Baroque period in instrumental music. It is written in a slow 6/8 time and is characterised by its lilting rhythms, simple melodies and lush harmonies. The Siciliano is extremely songlike and is associated with pastoral scenes.

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