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Bach (JCF): Musical Leisure Hours

Bach (JCF): Musical Leisure Hours
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Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach was a son of Johann Sebastian and served at the court of Buckeburg.  In 1787-8 he published a four-volume collection of his keyboard and other music under the title Musical Leisure Hours, from which the 69 short pieces in this album have been selected.  These are mostly pieces in the popular dance forms of the day, while a few look back to the style of his father.


  • Adagio in C minor
  • Allegretto in D
  • Allegretto in F
  • Allegro in Bb
  • Allegro in C
  • Allegro in D minor
  • Allegro in E minor
  • Allegro in Eb
  • Allegro in G
  • Andante in E
  • Andante in G
  • Angloise in A
  • Angloise in D
  • Marche in G
  • Menuet in A
  • Menuet in C
  • Menuet in F
  • Musette in G
  • Polonaise in F
  • Scherzo in C
  • Schwaebisch in F
  • Solfeggio in D
  • Solfeggio in G
  • Villanella in Bb

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