Alexander: Io

Alexander: Io
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The planet Jupiter has 16 moons, of which four were discovered by Galileo in 1610. Of these four Galilean satellites, Io is the closest to Jupiter, orbiting the planet every 42 hours. It is slightly larger than our own moon. Io is the most volcanically active body in the Solar System: the liquid sulphur erupts from its molten centre, solidifying to form the red, orange and yellow surface. The large numbers of volcanic flows are so extensive and so frequent that the entire satellite is being resurfaced to an average of one centimetre a year. To quote Ian Ridpath, in Collins; Guide to the Stars and Planets (1986), Io recycles its interior onto its surface, endlessly turning itself inside out. It is this latter aspect which I have attempted to exploit in this littel piece. [John Alexander]