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A Flying Start for Strings Cello Book 2

A Flying Start for Strings Cello Book 2
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Bar Code:  9781876611484
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Brand:  Flying Strings

A Flying Start for Strings is an introductory series for young children and is appropriate for individual tuition or same instrument groups.

This book is designed to be worked through sequentially. Each page has a clear and simple layout and most have only one tune, so students gain confidence and a sense of achievement from easily moving on through the book. Cello 2 starts with D string tunes to consolidate reading skills and provide the most comfortable pitch for singing. Tunes with lyrics can be sung the lesson before trying them on the cello. Slurs, dotted notes and dynamics are introduced. A bowing variations page has different rhythms and bowings to apply to a scale, arpeggio or melody. Canons and rounds provide experience in ensemble playing.